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Okay, on my general tag browsing tonight I've noticed a few questions which are being tagged with [web-apps].

While there are a number of questions which I could argue don't belong here (this, this and this, for example) there are also a number of good questions about a specific application which have (usually) relevant tags to the question but are also tagged with [web-apps].

Examples (I'm linking to the revisions in the cases where I have retagged):

As paraphrased from the other question, surely the fact that the questions relate to web apps is implied by the fact they are being asked on a web application QA site.

While this is only by a couple of users and three example questions I wanted to get a community response so I know whether I can feel just in my brutal extermination of those poor tags.

  • There are a couple other tags that could be redundant or inconsistent: web-apps, webapp-rec, and identify-this-app. Commented Jul 21, 2010 at 21:17

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I have changed some of them so currently there are only 5 questions tagged with the web-apps tag (closed questions that need delete votes from high rep members and https://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/2050/what-is-your-most-used-web-application 44 votes 1000 views)

@tobeannounced seems to use the web-apps tag alot so I am not sure if he would want to pitch in his reasoning.

@eagle was the person I followed for the webapp-rec see

"Should Rec Tags be Added"

which is currently being used to tag questions that are asking for a list of X. Based on how meta discussion go, I would only assume that these questions either end up being ignored or deleted all together see

"Lets make a list of X questions"

and on meta.stackoverflow

"Should we have a “List of X” close reason?"

The identify this app tag, I am not sure about, I like the idea but I definitely see this bringing about duplicate questions.

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