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This tag doesn't include a tag wiki. The question's original revision that created doesn't include enough detail to make it clear that the question is about a web application.

The product brief of Recorder present it as an app for certain smartphones from Google, more specifically of the brand Pixel. The owners of these phones can upload recordings to Google data centers. They can see the saved recording in https://recorder.google.com.

(Google) Recorder on the Web - Anonymous

Users that have not saved a recording can't do anything, besides seing the manage Google account button and the Help button.

(Google) Recorder on the Web - Signed In

The help button points to https://recorder.google.com/about

Help Article Record audio on your Pixel phone from Pixel Phone Help.

According to Nikhil Rastogi Diamond Product Expert the Web UI doesn't allow to download recordings.

On the early days of Web Applications one of the parameters were to focus on web applications having millions of users.

Do you think that allowing questions about (Google) Recorder will attract power users of web applications to this community? If so, please post an insteresting, challenging question and add the link below.



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Should we allow questions about (Google) Recorder?

Yes, assuming you're asking about https://recorder.google.com. There are no requirements that only websites available for free to anyone are on-topic.

On the early days of Web Applications one of the parameters were to focus on web applications having millions of users.

I don't believe that is correct (where did you read that?), but anyway that didn't make questions about smaller websites off-topic, e.g. Browse people by location on Dailymile

But the fact you're asking this Meta question after closing Can I add audio to recorder.google.com? makes me think you've already made up your mind.

  • The linked question is one of the broken-windows that was still open. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Apr 10 at 2:48
  • Regarding focus on web applications having millions on users that is my conclusion of the review that I have recently did. You could do your own review of the discussions from early days of this site. To help you and and others that might be interested on doing this I have tagged several of them with private-beta , public-beta but you also could use the search operators. You could find the dates moderator tools and in the Area 51 proposal. Apr 10 at 3:24
  • @Rubén Thanks, I went through the questions tagged with private-beta , public-beta, I didn't read any mention of a focus on web applications having millions on users. Apr 11 at 22:53

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