I noticed that this question from Nov. 2018, which received a lot of positive feedback (+31 votes, 48k views), was unilaterally closed by a moderator on Mar. 25, 2023, more than 4 years after it was posted, for the reason of “needs details or clarity”. The question was then locked on Mar. 30, 2023. No comments were left to explain what details or clarity were needed: Can I permanently hide the YouTube chat window?

I am curious about the reason for closing and locking this question, which has been open and unlocked for more than 4 years. The question seems straightforward and clear to me: It asks how to hide the chat section that shows up on the right sidebar of some videos on YouTube, a web app (which is relevant to this site). Could someone please kindly clarify what part of it is unclear and point me to the community consensus that led to the closure and locking of the question?

Since the reason for closure and locking doesn't seem to be clear, I would like to request to please reopen and unlock the question: "Can I permanently hide the YouTube chat window?"

Note: This meta post is open for input and discussion from the community. All members of the Web Applications SE community are encouraged to join the discussion.


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This is a great question that should not have been closed, in my opinion, especially not for lacking "clarity or details". The question is clear and detailed enough.

Web Apps Stack Exchange does not have enough people contributing good questions and good answers. We shouldn't discourage people by downvoting good questions like these, let alone closing these question posts, or worse, deleting them.

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    If the mods disagree, I would love to hear the opinion of more than one mod. It seems to me that a lot of this is the work of only one moderator, although I cannot prove it. Mar 27 at 16:57
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    Yes, it is still unclear to me what "needs details or clarity" about the question. Mar 30 at 6:37

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