I have seen that there a lot of questions posted during the private beta that have delete votes.

Should they be deleted?

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They should be judged individually based on current standards. The fact that they were asked during private beta is irrelevant, really.


Questions posted during the private beta had the purpose to help shape the site scope. Many of them have linked from this site or from Meta SE discussing the scope of this site. Considering this it might not be a good idea to delete them.

Only questions that blatantly ignored the private beta purpose and those that are causing harm to the community should be deleted.

One way that a post cause harm to the community is by attracting too many users that doesn't behave according to the code of conduct, like spammers or users that continually use the site to have large discussions that doesn't help the community to grow and improve.

Instead of deleting them lets close them. If they atract edits, answers or comments only affecting a specific the posts of a specific question, that question might be locked using the historical lock. If you find a question in this situation flag it to moderator attention clearly explaining why do you think that should be locked.


From this site

From Meta Stack Exchange

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