Could these be merged into [facebook] ? Just a suggestion, I would do it by hand but I wanted to know what others thought.

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I think (most of them|they) should be.

While I feel that a myriad of tags is useful for some larger sites - Google in particular, where each tag usually refers to a separate app which comes under the Google brand - I don't think that the majority of these Facebook tags are really useful, since they come under the singular Facebook application - while Google Docs and Gmail are two distinct applications, Facebook pages and Facebook groups are a small part of a much bigger app.

One tag of note (possible saving), however, is [facebook-connect] - since it can be used as a method of authentication for sites other than Facebook.

  • Wow, re-reading though that I think I abused the English language a little.
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    Commented Jul 21, 2010 at 20:38

I think [facebook-alternative], [facebook-games], [facebook-account] can definitely be merged.

The rest can probably be merged too, but those are the obvious ones.

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