Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them.

Use edits to fix mistakes, improve formatting, or clarify the meaning of a post.

Use comments to ask for more information or clarify a question or answer.

You can always comment on your own questions and answers. Once you earn 50 reputation, you can comment on anybody's post.

Remember: we're all here to learn, so be friendly and helpful!

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Beside posting questions and answers you can also contribute to the community by editing posts that might need some improvement, from fixing typos, grammatical errors, formatting or clarifing its content.

When changing the wording or adding additional content to a post, always keep the original intention of the post creator.


Comments could be used to request more details, requestion clarification or provide suggestions to improve a post. They should not be used to add relevant information, instead edit the post to add all the relevant details diretly into the post body.

Since day one the post creator can comment on their own posts and on answers to their questions. To be able to post comments on posts from others, it's required to have 50 reputation points.

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