I'm new to this site1. I found it by googling but my question was closed with the following reason:

This question is about creating/developing a web application.

If questions about creating / developing web applications are off-topic on this site, where can I ask this kind of questions?

I found this If I'm working on a web app, do I ask here? but answer to that question only suggests Stack Overflow and Web Masters, but I think that those sites have a too narrow scope for my needs.


  1. Actually I'm not new, but I'm posting this on behalf of the new members that doesn't have yet the required reputation to post a question here.


Markdown link to this question for using it on comments to off-topic questions:

[Where can I ask a question about developing web applications?](https://webapps.meta.stackexchange.com/q/4685)


The creation / development of a web application is very broad topic and there isn't a site on the Stack Exchange Network which scope embraces all the questions about it.

Tags related to developing web applications on sister sites


Software Engineering

Stack Overflow

Super User

User Experience



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