I'm new to this site1. I found it by googling but my question was closed with the following reason:

This question is about creating/developing a web application.

If questions about creating / developing web applications are off-topic on this site, where can I ask this kind of questions?

I found this If I'm working on a web app, do I ask here? but answer to that question only suggests Stack Overflow and Web Masters, but I think that those sites have a too narrow scope for my needs.


  1. Actually I'm not new, but I'm posting this on behalf of the new members that doesn't have yet the required reputation to post a question here.


Markdown link to this question for using it on comments to off-topic questions:

[Where can I ask a question about developing web applications?](https://webapps.meta.stackexchange.com/q/4685)

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The creation / development of a web application is very broad topic and there isn't a site on the Stack Exchange Network which scope embraces all the questions about it.

Tags related to developing web applications on sister sites

Software Engineering

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User Experience


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