According to this answer to Exclude the main chat room from automatic freezing/deletion

This is now implemented. Main chat rooms do not freeze automatically due to inactivity.

It looks that the above is wrong (see the first answer to this Q and newest comments to the above referred answer).

Another finding from Meta SE, Main chatroom for a SE site and chatroom pruning,

The SE software keeps always one room for each SE site alive. But no particular room is chosen as the "main" room for a site.

By the other hand, what is the point to have a chat room that is use very rarely and the most common topic over the last months is

Posting a dummy post to keep the room from getting frozen.

Searching for dummy post returns 22 posts.

When someone post a comment, a widget is shown on Meta right panel

It's a bit annoying to find that the newest message in the last 2 weeks is a dummy post. Considering that to create a new chat room is required a rep 100, and that to participate on Meta it's just a rep 5 and usually people that require a someone to talk gets and answer faster on Meta than on chat...

Please, stop posting dummy comments.


The answer you are referring to is wrong. "Main" chatrooms freeze just like any other (they have no special status at all). The only exception is that the last non-frozen room is prevented from freezing. For an illustration, I dropped by Open Data site and created a room: soon thereafter, their main room was frozen for inactivity because it lost its status of being the only non-frozen room. (Sorry, Open Data users.)

That said, it's true that Google-Fu will not freeze as long as it's the only non-frozen room, and therefore dummy messages are not needed for the time being. In other words Alex's dummy message is correct in observing it is not needed.

  • Thanks. What do you think about posting dummy comments every two weeks by several months just to keep a chat room unfrozen? – Rubén Feb 10 at 2:09
  • 1
    I don't really care, but if they are going to post something, it makes more sense to post with some content. What's the weather like today, a book read recently, what I had for breakfast, ... - anything would be better than a copy-paste of a dummy message. – user380 Feb 10 at 22:57
  • @Rubén I will add that some sites use a bot precisely for this purpose - to prevent the chatroom from getting frozen in the case of longer inactivity. In any case, now that I have notice the thread here, I'll abstain from posting the dummy messages. – Martin Mar 14 at 15:45
  • @Martin Thanks. It is OK for me that one or two dummy posts were done once in while but not having several months were the only content on chat are dummy posts. – Rubén Mar 16 at 16:31

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