For this question,

How is it not closed? Essentially it amounts to,

What software can I use to download a YouTube video?

Every answer is for a different piece of software?

Another similar question like this,

Disable videos in YouTube, listen to the audio only (every answer is for a different piece of third party software)

Because the question is concentrating on the problem to be solved. That the only practical solution is a third-party solution is just an unfortunate side effect. If a native way is found (or added by the app developer) later, an answer to that effect can be added.

You might have a look at How do I ask a question that may require recommending a web app? which goes into this in some detail.

Splitting hairs? Maybe. But we tried having recommendation questions, and they by and large ended up with answers that were just a single line and, if you were lucky, a link. By getting people to concentrate on the problem we've been getting better answers.

  • Hey, I'm 100% cool with it. If you acknowledge that it's merely splitting hairs, that's awesome. As a suggestion for the site, I wouldn't close questions of this form when questions of this form are gladly accepted If we're just splitting hairs we should just fix them so the question is on the right side of the split. – Evan Carroll Jul 16 at 18:21
  • As a user, it seemed weird that suggestions were off-topic here. most every question I've seen was answered with a suggestion to use a different tool or service. – Evan Carroll Jul 16 at 18:21
  • Outwardly presume the feature there when you know it's not, get a good suggestion. State you know the feature isn't there and ask for a suggestion, be met with hasty doom. lol – Evan Carroll Jul 16 at 18:22

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