Unless a post has a score > 3 and was visible on the site for > 60 days, the reputation gained and/or lost from it is reverted if it gets deleted.

Except it doesn't revert the +2 reputation for accepting an answer.

When a question gets deleted, its answers are also considered "implicitly deleted." So why does the question's OP keep the +2 reputation?

My account shows this inconsistency. I  have  (had) 103 reputation, and I gained the excess +2 reputation by accepting an answer to a question of mine (did that a long time ago) which is now deleted. Why wasn't the reputation negated?

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    That is odd. Since it didn't get cleaned up overnight I'd call that a bug. – ale Jul 7 at 20:06
  • meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7237 Doesn't say that you lose 2 rep when an answer you accepted is removed. They should add that into the system. – sag Jul 9 at 1:06

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