I was looking at old questions, to find some questions without answers that it's worth answering, and I came across this question: YouTube videos embedded in Facebook are not playing when in HTTPS.

The thing is that this question is no longer relevant as it is, since Facebook doesn't embed videos in posts anymore, they're just links.

So, should I answer that it's not relevant anymore? Do something else about it?

I'm asking in general, not specific on that question.

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There is a custom close reason under "Off-topic" for web applications that are no longer available; it also applies to the features that are no longer available.

Questions on applications or application features that are no longer available are off-topic for Web Applications as no one will ever be able to make use of the answers again.

Additionally, an old unanswered question gets automatically deleted after a while, so it would be enough to downvote that question since it's no longer useful. (Arguably it was not useful to begin with, as nobody could reproduce the problem.)


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