Today this search returns four that have no status tag and no answers :

(sorted by number of votes)

10 upvotes 2 downvotes 4 comments
Drop spam flag lock action limit from 6 flags to 4

10 upvotes 0 downvotes 3 comments
Enable tagged syntax highlighting

8 upvotes 0 downvotes 0 comments
Clarify "Ask Question" placeholder text

4 upvotes 0 downvotes 0 comments
Add Open Graph meta data to hook with insights from Facebook sharer.php

Since we cannot offer bounties on meta posts, how could we get proper (Community Managers, developers, someone else?) attention to those questions?

Some (weird?) ideas:

  • Bumping
    • by doing a relevant edit
    • by doing an irrelevant edit
    • by posting a "Me too" answer
  • Making a post on Meta SE
  • Promoting those posts on Twitter, Facebook, some other online place?
  • Organizing a meet up?


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