So, here's a question that was closed for being an app recommendation request, and then later deleted. Since only 10k users can see it, I'll quote it here:

Is there a way (an app maybe) to find like-minded people on Facebook?

We like stuff everyday, and it would be nice to find the people with whom one has the most shared likes, and socialize with them.

Is there such an app or a way in general?

I disagree with its closing and especially its deletion. The question has a fairly well-defined problem statement. The mention of an app is merely an aside to indicate that the Asker is willing to use a third-party tool.

Further, the best answer on the question doesn't even recommend a third-party app.

For those with the privilege to do so, I urge you to undelete and re-open.

I've also seen other questions in the Close Vote Review queue that are similar. Let me expand on that:

I think we can all agree that questions like

What's the best X app?


What's your favorite app to do Y?

and similar questions are terrible, and should be closed and deleted. However, questions that run in the form

I'm trying to do (X) in this web app in order to (get Y result) because of (Z reason). Is there an app to do that?

can be very easily edited, only slightly, to remove the request for an app and make the question about the problem to be solved. It won't invalidate any existing answers that suggest an app, and leave open the possibility that the Asker merely didn't know how to do it in the web app or the functionality was added later. They don't really need to be closed.


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I just edited the question to remove the emphasis on web app recommendations, then voted to undelete it.

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