Alternative to Facebook [closed] (Deleted 2017-10-12) is a question asking for a web application recommendation, so it's now off-topic.

It has:

  • 43 points, 46 upvotes, 3 downvotes.
  • 23 answers
  • 18 stars (marked as favorite)

From its stats panel:

  • asked 7 years, 5 months ago
  • viewed 1,836 times
  • active 3 months ago

Regarding the answers:

  • The top answer has 30 points, 32 upvotes, 2 downvotes
  • The accepted answer has 10 points, 12 upvotes, 2 downvotes. It's a link only answer.
  • There are 6 answers (including the above) with 10 or more points.

It had a duplicate that was deleted few minutes ago ( 10K rep users and moderators have access to it: https://webapps.stackexchange.com/q/6550/88163 )



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The view count 1,836 is quite low for a 7-year old question. Most of those probably happened way back when the question was active.

Also, the fact that 10+ people liked some social network back in 2010 holds very little value in 2017. Those same people probably don't have the same opinion of that network now, if it even exists.

So, I don't see any reason for historical lock here. Nothing of value will be lost if this question gets deleted. And, given low viewcount, I don't see a pressing need to delete it, either. It's largely forgotten.


No, it doesn't need an historical lock.

Nor do I think we need to work to get it deleted. Vote on it and its answers as appropriate and leave it be.

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