UPDATE: The combination tag and tag is not in use at present.

Very similar in concept to Tags [gmail] and [email] – married or single? which does not so far have an Answer to serve as a guide.

without 2 Open Qs, 1 follower, no Usage guide.

without 3 Open Qs, 0 follower, Usage guide:

For questions specifically about the reCAPTCHA service by Google.

1 Open Q: Why is ReCaptcha sometimes really easy and sometimes really hard?

When should the above both be applied to a Q rather than one or the other?

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If a question is about reCAPTCHA, it should simply be tagged with . There's no need to tag with as well.

would seem to be a meta tag, as it has no context without other tags. It can probably be removed or, possibly, replaced with .


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