This feature request has been implemented:

Make all recommendation questions out of scope and off topic, regardless of research

this not:

Enable tagged syntax highlighting

Both stand at net +10 at present (I have no idea of their votes at the time the former was implemented).

What does it take to have a feature request accepted as meeting general approval?

(The above two look rather the wrong way round, given the latter is without dissent and the former was not unanimous.)

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    I'm not sure they're a fair comparison. The first is a policy question that the community has implemented. The second is a configuration change that only Stack Exchange can implement.
    – ale
    Aug 10, 2017 at 15:56

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The answer seems to depend on whether or not any change can be achieved by our mods independently:


A clear majority in favour - likely a fast implementation.


Makes no difference what the community view is - never.

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