I draw your attention to the tag.

No tag wiki or usage guidance, of course.

The questions tagged thus appear to be, by and large, questions asking for support, rather than questions asking about support. (In other words, the tag is being used to describe the kind of question, rather than the topic of the question, which is a classic sign of a meta tag.)

The tag is essentially the same. I'd suggest they be synonyms if they weren't so useless for categorizing questions.

I can't see that either tag is useful. Certainly each needs other tags to fully describe the content of the question. (More meta tag smell.)

These questions need cleaning up. Does anyone have a compelling reason to keep either tag?

(As always, if you're helping out with this clean-up project, don't just fix the tag; fix all of the problems with the post. And only do a couple at a time, so as not to flood the front page with edits.)

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I've cleaned up both the meta tags

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