I would have asked this in the chat room, but it appears to be dead.

I recently asked a question on the main site, which I deleted to migrate over to SuperUser.SE as I was told it was more suitable there. Now I think I see why I was told to post the question there, but my question is about the web service specifically, not a general question about the transferring of files on a computer.

I'd like to migrate my question back and edit to clarify, since I think it belongs here. Can someone please undelete my original question?


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Your question isn't about the web portion of Dropbox at all. It's about the file sync service. Only questions about the web interface of Dropbox are on-topic here.

That Super User's community thinks that "how Dropbox does what it does" is off-topic for Super User does not indicate that it's then on topic for Web Apps.

So, you should bring up on the Super User Meta why your question there might be off-topic. There's no point in trying to get it resurrected here; it's definitely off-topic here.

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