We've been getting a fair number of "I can't get into my Facebook account" questions that are generally pretty poor.

We could use a canonical question and answer for recovering a Facebook account similar to this question about recovering a Google Account. That way we'll have a duplicate target for (almost) all of them.

I'm not familiar enough with Facebook to do it.

Is anybody else up to the task?


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I very rarely pay attention to . Today searching for frequent questions I found that are some tags / tag combination related to "facebook account recovery"

As you can see How to recover Facebook account using email, not phone number appears on both searches.

Only the question about how to delete a Facebook account looks to be popular, the others have less than 15k views and less than 3 vote points.

I'm wondering if we should do a clean-up project first before creating a canonical question about how to recover a facebook account.

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