I draw your attention to the tag and its 27 questions.

Git is in no wise a web application. There are a number of web applications (, ) with which Git can be used, and we have tags for them for questions about the web interface there, but I don't see how questions about Git can be on topic here.

Looking through the questions, I see quite a few that are also tagged or . Beyond those, I see:

  • Integrating Beeminder with Authorea, the latter of which is a Git service.
  • A question about Gitlab, which is another Git service.
  • A question about whether Dropbox uses a version-control system behind the scenes
  • A closed recommendation question about where to host version control
  • A question about how to watch a generic Git repository. (Should be closed as "too broad" or as a recommendation question.)
  • A question about importing Google Docs revision history into a Git repository
  • A question about a failure of a CLI command to push a change to Github. (Should be closed; there's no web interface involved.)
  • A closed recommendation question asking for Git wikis that support MathJax

None of these questions need the tag. Several should be closed, especially the ones that aren't asking about a web interface.

Before I rush ahead, please offer your thoughts on the matter.

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    Since there seems to be no objection, I'll start to (slowly) get rid of the git tag.
    – ale
    Sep 12, 2016 at 12:50

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All that remains is a leftover migration stub from a rejected migration (that a moderator needs to delete) and a migration stub that will be deleted by the Roomba in a few days.


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