I draw your attention to the following tags (numbers are of Open Qs):

These would seem to cover virtually the same thing.

has this usage guidance:

Migration specifies 1) the process of moving information between different data formats or 2) the process of moving an existing user environment to a different system, for example when switching operating systems.

but seems to be a direct duplicate of :

The moving of data either between two accounts on a service or between services. Normally asked about a service's default functionality.

"Data Liberation" is a term popularized by the team that now does , but it has been used on questions that aren't for Google products.

Granted, one may export data without looking to import it (like when archiving data from a service that's closing) [see also: ], but the "export" and "migrate" tags are used fairly interchangeably.

So, how can we fix this issue?

My first suggestion is to make , whose Usage guide is:

Data liberation is the activity of retrieving a user's data from a web service.

a synonym of whose Usage guide is:

Grabbing your links, contacts and other account information and data in preparation for another service or for backing up


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