I've just asked a question about conditional formatting in Microsoft Office Online. I added the tag but then saw that it apparently only relates to Google Spreadsheets.

Is that right?

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Back in the dim past when that tag was created, the only web-based spreadsheet app of any note was Google Spreadsheets.

Now that there are others and they're gaining popularity, it probably makes sense to "de-couple" from Google Sheets.

We would probably prefer a tag specific to the app, but both [excel-online-conditional-formatting] and [google-spreadsheets-conditional-formatting] are far too long.

We have , which is generically for formulas in online spreadsheet apps. It makes sense to me to do the same for .


Tag excerpts and wiki tags are created and edited by the community, so rather than a bug it's about the result of the Web Applications' community contributions.

According to the following search, at this time there is only one question include and for a question that doesn't include :

[conditional-formatting] -[google-spreadsheets] excel is:question

By the other hand there are 74 questions that have and [google-spreadsheets]

[conditional-formatting] [google-spreadsheets] is:question


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