Scanning unanswered question I found Can't download/export a large Google Docs document as PDF (what are the limits on Google Drive?). It uses TL;DR as a heading.

I don't have problems with the use of short words and slang or jargon in comments. I know that some are very popular but I don't think that they should be used as a heading in a question nor an answer.

At this time there are 8 5 questions that use TL;DR.

Is it acceptable to replace this with another form like "Summary", "Overview" or "Brief description"?


What is a “TL;DR version”? - Meta Stack Exchange

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In the case of tl;dr, I think it's reasonably well-understood online. I don't know that we need to replace its use.

Other, more esoteric, abbreviations should be expanded and/or replaced with standard English phrases.

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