I draw your attention to the tag.

This looks to be the very definition of a meta-tag. Every app will set these up differently, and whether or not they're changeable is up to each app. No one knows about app defaults in general. There is absolutely no context without other tags.

I think this tag should be burninated.

Currently on 9 questions:

  • 1 about default font in draw.io
  • 1 about default font color when pasting in Google Slides
  • 1 about default Google Slides animation
  • 1 about default sheet in Google Sheets
  • 1 about setting the default view on YouTube
  • 1 about setting the default of the Gmail pop-out window
  • 1 about Google Analytics dashboard across multiple accounts
  • 1 about sending messages in Facebook
  • 1 about default phone type in Google Contacts

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This is now complete - all have been removed.

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