There are 12 questions tagged issue-tracking. Most of them are also tagged with something else, usually the actual issue tracking system they are asking about.

Those tagged with only issue-tracking seem to be looking for recommendations, so → off-topic.

The only question where the tag has some merit is tagged both issue-tracking and sourceforge, as it is about the SourceForge issue tracker. But I would rather we had a specific tag for that system, like sourceforge-issue-tracker.

Since the issue-tracking tag does not seem to be able to do anything useful by itself, I'm voting to get rid of it.

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    There are no more questions with this tag and it has been cleaned up.
    – ale
    Oct 11, 2015 at 13:29

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I would tend to agree. Really the only way it has any utility is as a catch-all for any issue tracking apps that don't have enough questions to support the tag. (Tags on single questions get removed after some time.) But that's a really dubious reason.

I see you've done some clean up. I'll do some as well. If we can get it off of all questions it'll be auto-deleted.

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