, , and all seem identical to me.

Can someone with enough reputation suggest them as synonymous?

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They do have different purposes. The wikis for each should be have been updated to reflect that.

  • is to request that one tag be renamed into another; this may also involve the creation of a synonym
  • is for questions about the tag synonym feature of Stack Exchange
  • is to request creation of a tag that doesn't currently exist
  • has no questions, so it should get cleaned up by an automated process

If people are misusing these that's a problem with their descriptions, not that they themselves are synonyms.

I have improved the wiki and excerpt for and the related . has been changed on most other Stack Exchange sites to ; I've updated its wiki and excerpt and changed the three questions that had the old tag.

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    @pnuts: So, fix them.
    – ale
    Sep 4, 2017 at 11:58

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