Question: monetizing a google app engine product.

ChrisF told me that this question would not have been on topic, had it been asked on WebApps.SE. While I believe I understand the points made on Are API questions on topic?, I don't am unclear why this question would be considered to be a developer asking how to use Google App Engine, rather than a Google App Engine user asking how to use the site. Campaign Monitor, for example, has a developer side (API, libraries, etc.) and a web interface, the latter being the mechanism a user would probably use if they wished to create clients with their own billing.

Part of my understanding of this distinction is based on Where does my git question go?.

In short, I'm unclear exactly where the distinction lies between a developer asking how to use a web application and a user of that web application asking the same question.

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    The post you're referencing has been deleted, and only users on Software Engineering with more than 10,000 reputation points can see it, so there's really no way for any of us to answer this question.
    – ale
    May 1, 2014 at 2:53

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I was able to read the question before it got deleted and found it rather bombastic. If you would have focussed on the user part, searching for some help with a website, your post would've appeared differently. In stead (as far as I remember) you elaborated on how much money you earn and how much you could've earned.

Anybody asking a question about any web application is welcome on Web Applications.

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