A couple of days (maybe weeks) ago the wording of an edited post was changed from edited to the screenshot below (modified):.

enter image description here

Why not change that into:

modified by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 7m ago 6728?

[action] [elapsed time] [word] [word] [user] [reputation]


modified 7 min ago by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 6728

Should've been my first attempt.....


Then you would be breaking the information presented. Currently it's of the format:

action time user reputation

Your proposed would be

action user time reputation

The "action time" pair is as closely related as "user reputation" are.

Putting "time" between user and reputation would then be wrong since time is relative to the action taken, not the reputation or the user.

  • Ok, what about my new proposal? Would this give any problems? May 6 '14 at 18:19

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