My answers on How to archive GitHub repositories and Moving projects away from Github - backing-up / exporting repos have been deleted probably because I was promoting a tool/service that I've built myself and didn't disclose it. I don't agree that it is SPAM because it is highly relevant and solves the problem of the user who asked the question. Especially in How to archive GitHub repositories the user asks for a third party solution. I've edited the answer and disclosed myself as the maker of backhub. I hope that's okay. Can someone please undelete them or should I change anything else in the answer to be accepted?

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You should declare your affiliation in the answer.

Once you've edited them, flag them for moderator and one of us (probably not me as I was the one that responded to the original flags) will review them and see if they're OK.

You should also give more details on why your tool/service helps.

There's no guarantee that they'll be undeleted of course and if you post again there's every chance the new posts will be flagged as spam as well.


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