The table, created by Tom, renders a bit awkward on my Nexus 4.

On my phone:

enter image description here

Model: Nexus 4, OS:4.3, Browser: Chrome Beta
OS: Win7, Chrome (stable, latest)

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    Note - I used [AsciiFlow] ( sensefulsolutions.com/2010/10/format-text-as-table.html?m=1). Probably should have used the ascii version rather than the Unicode version. Sorry - will change it. – Tom Horwood Oct 17 '13 at 12:55
  • Jacob doesn't appear to be using the android app, @Sklivvz (where the answer does appear to render correctly) - for that matter, he doesn't appear to be using the mobile view either (where I can confirm this answer renders appropriately as well). Marking this as status-bydesign; retag if you happen to have a fix in mind. – Shog9 Oct 21 '13 at 3:17

There are always some number of rendering inconsistencies between the mobile and desktop versions of Chrome, even if you're not using any beta versions.

That's why we have a mobile version of the site, accessible via the "mobile" link in the footer - I can confirm that the table (while indeed poorly-rendered in the full site on mobile Chrome) appears normally in the mobile view.

I recommend using the mobile view under normal circumstances, resorting to the full page only when something is inaccessible or broken in the normal view.

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