This is a two-parter (but related):

  1. Has it always been the policy that a duplicate is not a duplicate if neither question has been answered?
  2. Does this make the most sense in terms of drawing attention to and getting a response for an as-yet unanswered query?

These two questions re. editing groups in Outlook.com seem pretty identical to mr and were asked about a month apart:

I had posted this in chat, but the great (no sarcasm) Jacob Jan recommended I give it a whirl here in meta...

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Previously most SE moderators close questions as duplicates if it was asked before. Recently, an announcement was made by SE Inc.

Duplicates now focus on redirection to the answers you need

All dupes now must point to an answered question, and the new language focuses on getting you answers


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    Got it. I'm just wondering what the best way is for the question to be answered for the most people in the end (I cam also imagine there being a slippery slope of unanswered question repetition...) I'll have to read the blog discussion more closely! Jul 2, 2013 at 19:02

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