Today morning I needed an answer to a issue I was having with media-wiki. Before posting it, I was not sure if I should post it here, or post it on Webmasters.se. That's why I checked for the tags on both sites. WebApps.SE had 69 questions tagged media-wiki, while WebMasters.se has 56 questions tagged media-wiki

Hence I assumed that media-wiki questions were on-topic here, and posted this question: How to make the 'All pages' as the Main Page in Mediawiki?

Soon I got comments saying that this question was off-topic. I have a few more questions about media-wiki and hence want to know if these questions would be allowed here, or closed as off-topic.

If it is off-topic, maybe the other 68 questions tagged media-wiki should also be closed, so as to avoid confusion.

There has been one related discussion on this topic: Are questions about self-installed web apps on or off topic?

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Web Apps is for users of web applications.

Media-wiki is a web application.

Therefore, if you are asking about the use of media-wiki then the questions are definitely on topic. This can include the end user or the admin user of course.

However, if you are asking about the installation of media-wiki then the questions are off topic. Webmasters is probably a better place to ask.

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