Seems like StackExchange rolled out a new reviewing process - the Community Evaluation review queue today.

While it is a good idea to review those answers to determine the quality of them, there is a varying degree on how we deem an answer to be Excellent, Satisfactory or Needs Improvement.

So the question is: Do we have any basic standards that the various quality answers have? It seems like someone can mark an answer as Excellent and another person may mark it as Satisfactory, and what difference does it make to the reader?


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According to Adam Lear ♦

This is new. Now that we no longer have to run site evaluations manually ourselves, we figured we would expand them to graduated sites.

Tim Stone hit the nail on the head in his comment:

Maintaining quality over time is just as important as starting off on the right foot.

Now, this is somewhat experimental. If these evaluations prove too distracting or not particularly helpful on graduated sites, we'll turn them off. In the meantime, the queue should pop up for a week every 90 days.

  • This does answer the original question, though I have shifted my focus to having a discussion on what our standards are so as a facilitate future reviews. Thanks for this answer though, I have already read about it in the links provided in the comments.
    – Hydra
    Feb 4, 2013 at 14:36

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