I was following this question for a while and all of a sudden konrad has appeared in the thread:

Snippet referencing <code>konrad</code>

What was his involvement?

Can't see any reference to konrad being there.

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Yup, Konrad posted an answer which was deleted by a moderator. The reason? Konrad didn't read the FAQ and tried to post a new question as an answer.

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    Somehow the site does not re-update to show the previous last edited user, making it quite confusing sometimes. – Hydra Jan 28 '13 at 8:10

More than likely Konrad posted an answer that has since been deleted. Deleted posts are hidden from people with less than 10K reputation, but he still did update that question/its answers. (I don't have enough reputation to see, but it's consistent with an answer deletion.)

And, to be pedantic, we don't have "threads" here.

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