What is the difference between a "native app" and any other apps? What makes it native? I did not find any answers online.


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A native app is one that is installed directly within an operating system. A webapp is one that is installed on a web-server and uses a browser to access the functionality on that application.

Examples of Native app:

  • Chrome
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Calculator
  • Minesweeper
  • Tweetdeck
  • World of Warcraft
  • Angry Birds (if downloaded to a phone)

Examples of Webapps:

  • Facebook.com
  • Twitter.com
  • Gmail.com
  • Farmville (this one is a webapp within a webapp, really)
  • Google Docs and Microsoft Office Live
  • Angry Birds (If played through Chrome's App Store)

Obviously not an exhaustive list, but it's a start.

  • Twitter has native apps. Farmville as well.
    – Alex
    Commented May 15, 2012 at 18:41
  • yes, Twitter HAS native apps, but Twitter itself isn't a native app. Commented May 15, 2012 at 19:03
  • I see your point though... i'll update for clarity. Commented May 15, 2012 at 19:03

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