Things to consider are:

  • Domain squatters
  • It has to be relevant to the site name (e.g. "Web Apps" would make sense to have a webapps.com domain)
  • Someone could easily register the most popular domain names we write down

See also: What should our .com domain be?


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Posted by Jeff Atwood:

We will have Robert monitor the domain suggestion question and pre-emptively register any suggested domains that we like and think have a real shot. At the end of the domain suggestion process, we'll donate the suggested names back to the community.

(that's basically how we did it for Stack Overflow, anyway...)


Choose a domain before it enters public beta.

A requirement would be to have a banner to inform users of the decision process.

Update: this idea was rejected by Jeff.

  • I updated my answer -- Robert will monitor the name suggestion question and pre-emptively register anything likely. Commented Jul 6, 2010 at 21:29

Leave a section of the site only accessible to members that were in the private beta so they can decide on a domain


Write a post on the Stack Overflow blog asking people to suggest domains privately and setup a poll question here before the private beta ends to decide which one (or just to decide finalists, then buy them and setup a public poll).

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