Something I noticed is that when I put in a search for Google+ results seems to come back on just "Google" (a much broader topic, with more noise to sort through)

Searching for G+ is a bit more fruitful since the letter G doesn't appear by itself often outside the context of G+

Would there be a way to augment/alter the search to index "Google+" as being meaningful / separate from "Google" ?

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The problem is that the plus sign (+) is considered punctuation and that's dropped by the site search.

Even wrapping it in quotes (e.g. "google+") won't really help.

Alternatively, search through posts tagged which should narrow your field to the relevant posts.

  • Yeah, I kinda thought that was the issue, but was hoping there might have been a way to put in an exception or something. Tags are indeed useful, but only effective if the questions are tagged :)
    – Charlie
    Dec 30, 2011 at 19:59

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