First, a question: and mean the same thing, right?

If so, should we merge into and add (12 questions) as a synonym of (8 questions)?

Granted, has slightly more questions than but, in my opinion, the Internet and world of technology is moving away from the term "online storage" towards "cloud storage".

What do you think?

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This has now been completed.

All questions with the tag have now been converted to the tag and a synonym has been created.


Marketing and buzzwords are trying to get "cloud storage" as its star. But on a normal fresh user face level, "online storage" still would be their go to term for search.

Would vote to have cloud be a synonym of online.

Stats on which tag brings in more visitors might be helpful.

Throwing those two terms into a boxing chess match at Google Fight has online storage easily come out far in front.

Right now:

  • online storage - 40,600,000 results
  • cloud storage - 6,020,000 results
  • you make a good point...
    – studiohack
    Nov 18, 2011 at 4:51

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