I did my search within suggested existing questions and answers but haven't found what I am looking for.

So I created new question - any multiuser trip planner...

I understand that someone has the feeling that .... Could you please make comments so I 'improve' (my questions)? Thank you

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Based on recent discussion among moderators and in the post: Double standards on web app recommendation questions?, we have decided to move to close these questions, if the user does not show any effort in finding alternatives on their own.

What's good is when a question comes through where the user has obviously tried their hand at something, anything, and now needs further assistance or a brand new set of eyes in order to push them through the gates.

Instead of asking a list of any and every planner application, we rather you ask about finding out how to do a certain task within a planner application (that you have researched on your own) and if this task is not possible in X app we can recommend a Y app (or browser extension) that does.

What can you do to improve your question?

  • Research a bit on what planner applications you have found out in the wild, see what works and what does not
  • When you have found a few, at this point you have either answered your question or see a limitation that needs to be addressed
  • Edit your question with your research and the current limitation

Once this is done and the community considers that it shows effort it will be reopened.


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